Where do you connect the wires for a stepper motor. My Unipolar stepper has 6 wires, 2 are common, and the others are A-, A+, B-, and B+. I have connected these wires to the UNIPOLAR OUT of the Driver Board. However, in the manual, it says "Power to the motor is provided through the UP-PWR inputs." Which wires do I connect to the UP-PWR inputs?

I am having the same problem for driving a 4 wire bipolar motor.

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That is correct. By connecting the power supply to the UP-PWR ports and the stepper motor's wires to the UNIPOLAR OUT of the Driver Board, I was able to drive each stepper motor individually. 

I am currently using a microcontroller and four L298 ICs to drive four bipolar stepper motors simultaneously in my project to make a 4-axis Hot Wire Foam Cutter :)

-- Yasir M

Joel Cheriyan said:

I believe the UP-PWR ports connect directly to your power supply, positive and ground



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