Success Stories - The Tire Stacking Machine

Group member

Chenyi Du - Circuits

Gregory Iu - Microcontroller

Haotian Shi - Electromechanical


The machine is initially positioned at start line in a stanby mode. The operation begins by pressing a <start> button on the keypad. The machine then travels along the poles, after detecting each pole, the machine examines the pole for the existing stacked tires, and then supplies adquate tires so that 2 tires are stacked on the pole and moves on to the next pole. When the machine reaches the last pole or the end of the loading range it moves back and stops at Start Line. The entire stacking process is done autonomously and takes no longer than 3 minutes. Upon completion of the operation, the machine displays a completion or termination message on the LCD and communicates with the operator the operation information, including the operation time, number of poles and their location with reference to Start Line, number of tires loaded on each pole, and the total number of supplied tires and tires on all poles.


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