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Semi-Sucessful Run - Integration Almost Complete!!!

Following the integration and test runs that our group conducted today (, I brought the robot home and fixed some bugs in the circuit and the code. In my final test run, the robot was able to detect all 7 garbage bins, identify their colours, and store their locations. Some pictures of the final UI were taken and have been uploaded into…


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RTC Circuit

Today I asked Prof. Emami for the circuit diagram of the RTC module. I was then able to make that circuit and integrate it with the PIC Board and my LCD. For those who would like to make their own RTC module, I have uploaded the circuit diagram in my photo section. Be sure to check it out because it really saves you a lot of time.

Below is a video of the working circuit on protoboard:…


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PIC Peripheral - Keypad and LCD

Last week, two programmers Kevin Tan and I worked on the circuits for keypad and LCD. As our groups both use the PIC boards to save money for our circuit and electromech members, we designed and assembled the two circuits and connected them to the PIC. They only require some capacitors, resistors, wires and two IC's. Below is a link to a video documenting the results of our work.

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PWM Integration

Over the weekend, I have finished writing code for the PWM output that can drive motors at different rates. Since Mason has soldered his driver circuit and Abigail has the mobile base assembled, we decided to integrate the three parts together.

The result turned out to be pretty good: the 12V power source powered the entire circuit which then amplified the PWM signals sent from the PIC. Based on the PWM duty cycles, the two motors span at different speeds.…


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