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Introduction to FPGAs

Modern technology allows the construction of chips that contain configurable circuitry which can be changed in order to implement a wide range of different logic circuits. Two different types of chips fall under this approach – PLDs and ASICs.

The Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) is a chip intended for very specific uses within a design. These chips lack the dynamic nature of PLDs and are usually custom-ordered from the vendor. On the other hand,…

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Tip: DT location in code matters.

If there is a certain length of code coming before the DT (define table) directive, then characters/entries in the DT past a certain point will fail to return a value. Instead, upon reaching that character, the program will restart from the beginning.


Remember, or realize, that DT is actually a short form for a long list of retlw instructions. That means that having a DT holding a long string counts as many instructions.


This does NOT appear to be an issue of…


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