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ADC Sample Code has a bug (it seems)

There seems to be a mistake, because the code did not work, and after my change, it did work.



    bsf        ADCON0,2        ;start conversion and wait for it to complete

    btfsc    ADCON0,2

    goto    $-2


goto $-2 is wrong, because it goes back 2 lines and starts the conversion all over again. You'll want to goto $-1 instead, to just test until the conversion is done.


However, I would reccommend this…


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Tool: MPASM LCD String Writing Code Generator



You know what I say to tables? Well, I don't say it, because I am not the type to publicly use such language, but once you get past the character limit it causes problems that can be tricky even if the solution is known.


Here's a work around that I'm using. "can" wasn't worth making a table for. A table would take 4 lines. If you include the code to…


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Removed Post

I have removed this post because it was based on misinformation. I have decided not to delete the post because I wish the comments to be preserved.

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Tip: DT location in code matters.

If there is a certain length of code coming before the DT (define table) directive, then characters/entries in the DT past a certain point will fail to return a value. Instead, upon reaching that character, the program will restart from the beginning.


Remember, or realize, that DT is actually a short form for a long list of retlw instructions. That means that having a DT holding a long string counts as many instructions.


This does NOT appear to be an issue of…


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Rant: I know where the bug is, how to fix it, but why?

In one of my define tables, if the table gets to a certain length I get a bug in my code. Just take one character away from that and everything is fine. I have found no significance in regard to... actually, I never counted it until now.

If there are 33 characters, my code bugs out. 32 is okay. Well, 32 is a very important number, but I have longer tables elsewhere. There is also no reason for this to bug out. It's simply absurd!

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Tip: DT Uses Up A LOT of lines.

Each dt (define table) directive uses up a line for each character in your table/string. If you're not careful, your code could get long despite being short.

Here's how the define table directive works. Each character in your string is actually translated into a single retlw (return literal in W).


For example:

dt "Hello!"


is translated into:

retlw 'H'
retlw 'e'

retlw 'l'
retlw 'l'
retlw 'o'
retlw '!'

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Tip: The directory of your MPLAB project can cause problems.

If the path size of your MPLAB project's directory is too long, for example:


then a .hex file will not be created.


I am now using a workspace with the much shorter path:



Don't computers suck?

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