Integration 3: Wiring, Sensor Mounting, Circuit Mounting

Yesterday the main goal of the lab session was to finish mounting all of the sensors, wire them up, and get ready to connect everything together. Mason and Tom were finishing up the sensor circuit board and the pic board respectively, and I took the time to mount the IR range sensors to the base and break beam sensors to the upper section of the arm. I also ran wire through the base from the sensor to the approximate spot where the sensor board will be mounted on our robot. I'll have to get zipties for the permanent placement, but for now masking tape will do. 

Also, I fabricated the shelf for the driver circuit out of plexiglass and small aluminium pieces I found in the scrap section. I really liked the way it turned out, though I might have to lower it a bit in order for the wires from the motors to reach the driver board comfortably (they reach now, but any strain on the wires is not optimal). 

I would have wired all of the sensors, but we ran out of wire :P. Hopefully by Friday we will be ready to plug everything in. 

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