Today focussed mostly on the fabrication of the drive base module. I was able to complete the entire base, including the mounting of the motors, however my team decided that a full length chassis bar would be more structurally sound than the current half length, and since this is easy to change and mount to the existing base, we decided to do this. The picture below shows the base sans one motor and the cross support for the arm I started during the last hour - I have to remember to take more updated photos as I go. Its hard when you get so into the building the robot!

The shop has such a great atmsophere. I love the smell of sawdust and the sense of comraderie the electromechanical members share. If anyone is unsure, the TA's or other mechs are willing to help out and share their knowledge. Its also cool to see that even Professor Emami was willing to show a few students how to cut something :P

Anyways, I'll be back in the shop tomorrow as I don't have a physics lab. Wednesday mechs, see you tomorrow!

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