For ADC - when u configure it: do u use Vss and Vdd or Vref+ and Vref- or what?

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Depends on what you want. If you want a smaller range of reference voltages, you can attach "Vref+ and Vref-" to the PIC pins and use that (gives you more precision in reading)

Using "Vss and Vdd" is easier cos you don't need extra inputs to the PIC

Thank u, Remo! And is it like Vss and Vdd will have the conversion result as like a linear relationship (so like 1111111111 is 5 V and 00000 00000 is 0)?

ya, u can just do a ratio..

I have a question. When u have a Vss and Vdd is Vss 5V? Cause it gives me maximum possible output when it's like millivolts

It should be 5V. Are you waiting for all the acquisition times correctly?
(I haven't done any testing on my A/D code though, so no idea if it works)

 Oh apparently I was mixing up which one has 2 bits meaningful and which one 8 (cause textbook messes it up too apparently). Thanks a lot :))


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