When I tried to run the sample ADC code, the board seems to have problems. I connected RA0 with a proximity sensor which gives an output ~1.88V. RD0 the debugger LED) should blink with the speed corresponding the voltage as explained by the sample code. It seems to work fine sometimes, however, the debugger LED for RD0 is just off sometimes. Sometimes when I do random stuff such as touching somewhere along the wires, or resetting, or turning the power on and off, or restarting computer, the LED will or will not work. I have absolutely no idea what's going on but maybe one of you smarties would be super nice to give me a hint

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ry changing the PIC - if u're using PIC18 - catch me in the lab on Friday - i have some backups (or you could just load your code on mine if you want to or on somebody else's PIC). Also, it might be that your wires are not connected robustly and they just keep falling out. Or something is wrong with the circuit (but I doubt it cause you said resetting the board fixes it. I really think it's the PIC. If chaning it doesn't help - try somebody else's board and see what happens.

make sure the ADC_delay is called every time before you bsf ADCON, GO

Use code from the textbook - the sample code (for PIC16f877) did weird things - when I asked Emami if it was right, he said yes. It was not correct -.-

 pic16, seems to be a connection problem, debugging it again with my group this thurs/fri

wait so the sample code needs to be modified in a sense?

yea....I think so

I didn't use it...


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