I've asked this before, but what method are you using for powering the microcontroller? Using multi-outlet extension cord will be one way, but then that takes up space and weight. I tried using Vcc to power, but it doesn't really work. Did someone tried removing the adapter part of the ac adapter and connect it directly to the 12V on the power source and it works?

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 Power it by hooking up the 12v power supply outlet thing to the power supply?

also you didn't explode your pic when you powered it with vcc o_O?

it didn't explode, but it became super hot, so I closed the power quickly- -

you can get a DC connector like this:http://www.ebay.com/bhp/12v-dc-connector


 from Home Hardware

 ^ I'll just cut the ac adapter since i paid for that already

 btw that adapter is not something we have to hand back right?

The DC adapter is just $1.50

 true, I'll buy it if I do go to home hardware 

i tried Vcc and groud with 5V and it seems fine

Er...you're never supposed to power the pic using those ports though o_o

 Please do not attempt to power the PIC using Vcc. You will drive too much current. The last time we tried to do that we melted our 40-pin cable.

hey also have them at Creatron, but for a few dollars more.


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