Does anyone using PIC18 know if RE0, RE1, RE2 are actually implemented? It says they are implemented in the textbook but when i use those to take analog inputs the values seem to be floating...

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 they do work, make sure you set the TRISE register

yea i did set that..but they still give me erroneous results. All the analog ports other than those three work perfectly fine and i have no clue why lol


 Hmm yeah it's weird... For me AN1, AN9, and AN10 didn't work properly so I had to test others one by one to see which works and which don't. Also make sure it's not a soldering issue

 i tried to measure it using the voltmeter and the voltage levels output by the photosensors are certainly able to be picked up by the port if the ports do work correctly. Thanks for your help though!


t I had weird issues with using any of PORT E for input. It works fine for output, but sometimes thinks got funky when measuring input voltage


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