So my RTC code just stopped working. I've loaded code that worked a week ago and nothing - it gets hung on the macro which checks for the bus being free (i2c_common_stop). Anyone have ideas on solutions?

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David, I mean that it is stuck on an infinite loop within that macro I mentioned.

how often do you think PICs deteriorate? cause the sample codes isn't working... so I am leaning towards a pic issue

Seriously put the board away and try tomorrow!!!


Well, after 8 weeks, my PIC18's ADC module completely stopped working. That's the only info I have

But id say, depending on how much you use a function, 6-10 weeks?

It hasn't been that long but I have moved the pics from board to board a loooot 

Yup, new pic fixed everything, thanks!

You are using ADCON right? Our group had a problem that the power supply would give 5.31 instead of 5 V and then ports would burn (I think this was the case)

umm, I have no idea how your group is powering the pic but you should have a voltage regulator in place (if using the simple config board) and the dev bugger has it's over power source.. so I am really confused how you were powering stuff to burn it :S


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