So my RTC code just stopped working. I've loaded code that worked a week ago and nothing - it gets hung on the macro which checks for the bus being free (i2c_common_stop). Anyone have ideas on solutions?

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 I have no way of knowing if this is the problem, but certain PIC functions degrade over time until they stop working properly (or at all). If you have an additional PIC, try replacing it

 also, check that your jumpers are in place proper

the "SSPCON2,PEN" bit is not being cleared (should be getting cleared by hardware...)

Did you try resetting clock? Trying somebody else's rtc?

If you think the clock itself is broken, you can have mine.

i like the chip?


It's in the sample codes - if you find rtc one. There is a commented out section that resets the clock

try either turning your thing to run, or putting the thing away and trying tomorrow, that always fixes my pic problems...

 This happens to me regularly and the problem is always that the jumpers are slightly loose.


but what did you mean by "hung up on the macro"? does the code not compile anymore?

 about the jumpers - i think you should ask for replacement. Cause mine never go loose..


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