has anyone had any trouble with the RTC infinitely resetting to 00:00:80? It's not just on startup, because my function to keep track of time based on the RTC is no longer working (and just was two hours ago)

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I've also tried switching just about everything out and I have no idea what is going on

we had an issue like that - we just took out the battery, put it back, and reprogrammed the board.  no idea why that worked

 so far 99% of my problems with RTC have been a slightly loose jumper. literally just touch it and it starts to work again

 try check if u used 0x73~78 in any other part of code

My rtc broke - turned out to be a pic issue cause my a/d converter also broke at the same time. Try a new pic? Worked for me

 I reset the code for an hour, changed nothing, and it started working again. I'm gonna go kill myself now


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