Has anyone figured out how to store a result from the keypad without destroying it? I can only seem to define one button, as after that section of code the original result from the keypad seems to be lost 

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 u store it to W, then store it to some temp. address

I am getting interesting results playing around with my board in the sense that when I try and poll it like in the sample code sometimes I get the full combo of what I pressed and sometimes I don't

Well, I already do that, but even when I try to copy the data back to W from the temp address later, my code doesn't seem to want to cooperate

just one note, btfss can't be used on W.

 idk, maybe this is where ur problem comes from

 I'm using btfss on STATUS and Z. I learned my lesson about btfss and W already, lol

maybe u can use debugger? but mine debugger won't works

Neither does mine, unfortunately

Yup. I'm considering going to use MPLAB v8 if it keeps up this way

 I seem to have keys 1-3 working, but can't get 4 through 9. Any one else have that problem? 

Switch the switch on the DevBugger from PROG to RUN

 tried that. It just sends my code back to the start instead of giving wrong answers after 4


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