Has anyone figured out how to store a result from the keypad without destroying it? I can only seem to define one button, as after that section of code the original result from the keypad seems to be lost 

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 So when the switch is set to RUN and you press a key above 4, it resets the PIC?

Yeah, it goes back to the start of my code (the Welcome! screen)

Sorry man, I guess I can't help.

No worries, I'm starting to wonder if my PIC is screwed up xD

if it should have displayed a message read from a table, it's possible your table extended beyond the first 250 words (crossing the boundary at the message for key 4)

Hmm, alright. I'll look into that

...IT WORKED. Thank you so much

so how did u fix it?

I moved the table to the (almost) very beginning of my code.

ic, but then here's my question. If later on our table exceeds 256 lines on its own, what should we do?

 I'm not sure. I guess we're forced to work around that

textbook section 7.6.12.smtg (or maybe it was 7.6.13.smtg) solves that problem! Use PCLATH


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